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Blinds in Johannesburg

Blinds in Johannesburg If you are looking for the finest blinds in Johannesburg, then you need to only remember one name. Window Dek Blinds are proud to present a range of exquisite blinds, unmatched in beauty and quality. From the warm and inviting feeling of our... read more

Venetian Blinds – A Brief History

Venetian Blinds – A Brief History Venetian blinds present homeowners with one of the most effective and aesthetically pleasing window covering solutions on the market. Featuring a long and largely conjectural history, Venetian blinds are thought to have been... read more

Discovering Roller Blinds

Discovering Roller Blinds Dating as far back as the early 18th century, roller blinds are considered to be among the earliest types of blinds known to man. Holland roller linen, the earliest known material used for the production of roller blinds was thought to have... read more

Window Blinds in Benoni

Window Blinds in Benoni Benoni has become a diverse city, with many famous personalities emerging from its suburbs. It is then only fitting to ensure that your window blinds have a stature befitting of such an exciting and eclectic area. At Window Dek we offer a... read more

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