Basswood Venetian Blinds

Wood blinds have long been the favourite choice for home owners who are looking for a practical approach to privacy. A handsome addition to any type of décor, wood blinds are an easy and efficient way to control the amount of light you allow into your home or office. The timeless classic style of wood blinds ensures that your investment is as attractive in years to come as it is now. This amazing choice appears to increase the size of your windows, making any working or living space seem more roomy and comfortable.

Available in a range of exquisite colours, the natural warmth of the basswood is sure to make any visitors feel right at home, even if it does bring out a touch of jealousy. The green eyed monster will soon disappear though, as the welcoming effect of this beautiful feature cannot help but demand anybody’s deepest admiration. Providing an excellent balance between privacy and soothing sunlight, wood blinds are a perfect option for the discerning buyer.

Windowdek are proud purveyors of high quality diamond coated wood blinds, which are guaranteed against fading and warping for 2 years. The incredible excellence of this product makes it suitable for all areas including bathrooms, showers and kitchens. The dramatic effect of wood blinds are not to be denied either, lending an air of sophistication to any room fortunate enough to be graced by its presence.

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