Canvas Gearbox Outdoor Roller Blinds

Window Dek is proud to present the ultimate in patio covers – Roller Up Madrid Canvas Awnings.

All canvas material has a 3 year guarantee.

Patio blinds are the most common form of outdoor blind as South Africa has only had access to these materials and components over the past 30 years. The blinds are still functional and cost effective and most importantly serve the purpose of Rain, wind and dust protection. The only down side is the aesthetics and Longevity factor as most of the materials utilized in this are locally manufactured and of a substandard quality.

This is a perfect way to protect your furniture on the patio whether it’s raining, windy, hailing or even very hot. Then the best quality canvas is being used (Tenting Material). Save costs by simply re–covering the canvas after a few years when it is old and faded. There is a big variety of colours to choose from that will cover your needs.

The structure of the blinds consist of a border of solid material into which a clear vinyl window is inserted. There are many options to consider when making your purchasing decision, all these options are discussed on a site visit and displayed to you in detail.

Docril Material


  • 10 years limited warranty for the whole range of Docril® awning fabrics.
  • Warranty covers; any abnormal deterioration of the physical properties and colour, given a normal exposure to weather and in the case that care and cleaning advice have been properly followed.
  • Warranty includes; the replacement of the fabric required to replace the awning, excluding other expenses such as postage, sewing and / or assembly.


  • Maintenance to achieve a longer life expectancy and a better look of the fabric.
  • We suggest cleaning your Docril® fabric with a soft bristle brush and rinsing with water.
  • For localised stains clean with a neutral detergent mixed with lukewarm water (maximum 104º F) and then rinse.
  • The fabric must be left to dry completely before it is rolled up.

Dickson Material

The rot-proof properties and colour fastness (4/5 minimum colour fastness under exposure to ultra-violet rays and bad weather conditions, according to the NF EN ISO 105 B04 standard – variations in shade over time are therefore limited) of its:

  • New Sunbrella fabrics for 10 years, Sunbrella Plus, Sunbrella Supreme, Sunbrella Cushions, Seaguard, and Sunworker for 5 years, and of its Surlast fabrics for 3 years (starting from the date on which the fabric is purchased).

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