Venetian Blinds – A Brief History

Venetian blinds present homeowners with one of the most effective and aesthetically pleasing window covering solutions on the market. Featuring a long and largely conjectural history, Venetian blinds are thought to have been brought to Venice from Paris by the early Venetians who were great traders. Freed Venetian slaves are thought to have brought Venetian blinds with them to France, where it served as a means of living, as well as a comforting reminder of home.

Early patents relating to Venetian blinds were taken out in England by Gowin Knight in 1760 and by Edward Beran in 1769. John Webster of London was the first pioneer of Venetian blinds in the US, when he advertised his wares in 1767. In 1761, the St. Peter’s Church in Philadelphia had Venetian blinds fitted. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, office buildings were starting to widely adopt the Venetian blind, its rise in popularity being accredited to its superior durability, ease of operation and better value over traditional cloth window covering. Completed in the 1930’s, Rockefeller Centre’s RCA building was the first modern building to have Venetian blinds installed.

Traditionally made of wood or bamboo, today these blinds are made of a range of modern materials such as aluminium and plastic. This provides a more robust product, as well as one that is very pleasing to the eye.

Venetian blinds compliment almost all types of décor, and are an appealing and attractive solution to effective light control.

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